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Review of the Proi Hair Dryer by T3Micro

The T3 Micro Proi is a hairdryer that gives protection and beautiful results through incredible new technology. A well-designed blowdryer that’s quieter, easy to use, and powerful.

“Wow! Is this a new dryer? My hair is actually not frizzy”.

Those were the words of my client who generally rough-dries her hair with her fingers after a color service.

As a hairstylist, I spend so much time trying to give my client healthier hair by using the best hair products in the salon. But I know that the wrong dryer can remove all the nutritional benefits from products.

So gone are the days when blowdryers weighed 20 pounds and were as loud as a boat engine. Styling your hair with the T3 Micro Proi is a luxury. It’s a great modern tool using the latest technology. It’s a smart investment for me and for my clients.

This blowdryer gets my AFG stamp of approval.


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