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My Free NYC Makeover

On my daily commute to work, I’m always observing people’s hair on the train. I love some of it and sometimes I think: “I wish I could do their hair!” As a result, I decided to start my own project called The NYC Makeover. The idea is to offer a makeover to strangers in the street whose current look does not highlight their assets. We then do a consultation on the street and I give them my card to follow up with a makeover.

Here is my first makeover of a lovely young lady I met in my neighborhood in Washington Heights. I thought she was so beautiful but her hair was not!



Her existing color consisted of layers and layers of black and red "box color"


The beginning of her balayage

1) First, thank you for saying yes to my makeover offer. Were you surprised when I asked?
– Yes. It was totally unexpected! I thought “who was this crazy person.”

2) What is the biggest challenge you’ve had with your hair over the years?
– Apart from never getting the right color, calming my frizz and curls have been a huge problem. I love my hair straight so that makes it even more difficult. I never know which products I should get so I just use the same thing I’ve always used.

3) What is your worst hair experience?
– It was when I tried to go from black to red. My hair ended up being 4 different colors, I was so mad, LOL!

4) How did you feel when you saw your finished hair in the mirror?
– I felt like a whole new woman. It really brought my confidence back, I’m so happy.

5) What is the most important thing you learned about your hair during our makeover experience?
– That I have to treat my hair with love and care, if I don’t I will never have the long gorgeous hair I want.

6) Did you think lightening your hair would work so well?
– I didn’t think that lightening my hair would take that much time, even though I had 4 different colors on my hair. But every single time Antonio did my hair, I would always come out looking better. The result are flawless.

7) Will you listen to my advice and use good shampoos and conditioners no matter the cost?
– Of course. It’s really important to look after your hair if you color and blow-dry often. Thanks to your advice my hair is still stable and hasn’t been falling out.

8) What do your friends say about your hair?
– Everyone love’s it. I look like a brand new person. Every time I walk down the street, I get compliments on my hair. An acquaintance recently asked how much the wig cost me because my hair looked so good!


This was a lot of fun for me. This transformation was not an easy one, but it was a fun challenge.

Readers I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for my next NYC Makeover, who knows it may be you!

2 thoughts on “My Free NYC Makeover

  1. It was great! I want one!!! It’s ways to do a makeover on a young beautiful girl. I would love the chance to have a transformation on myself. I’m 62, very stylish, love fashion, hair and makeup, but always hesitant to change! I want a lighter shade of hair, but rich! I want a new look, a new relationship and I want it done by the best! Help me please! Deb

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