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Making a Warm Blond Cool Again

In the past, my client was used to having her hair highlighted with foils. Because her natural base color is not very dark, I thought this would the perfect opportunity to balayage her highlights.  I asked what blond tones she preferred when having her hair colored. We both agreed that more cool tones would be ideal since she already had so much gold in her hair and it was not particularly complimentary to her skin tone.

As a basic rule, if a woman has a lot of red in her skin tone, we add cooler tones to her blond, and visa versa. As I painted, I kept in mind that I wanted to utilize her natural base color, rather than over-highlighting her hair, leaving her looking too blond and having to run back to the salon in 6 weeks.

Because of her texture, color and the fact that she loves to wear her straight, I decided to shampoo with the Orlando Pita Play Pearl Foaming Shampoo to help calm her hair giving it control and shine.

To condition I used the Silk Slip Smoothing Conditioner, which further hydrates and smoothes the hair. This line works incredibly well on the thickest frizzy hair so, depending on the client, use sparingly.

And to end her time at the sink, I rolled in the big guy- the Satin Pillow Overnight Hair Mask. Talk about the hair melting in my hands! By the time I leave the sink, it’s a changed head of hair.

To blow dry, all I needed was one product which is generally not the norm. But because the hair was so well treated with the previous products, my job was made a lot easier. The Well Behaved Anti-Frizz Cream Serum is like magic. It smells amazing, the hair absorbs it easily and it works well.

In the end, her hair felt great and the client was happy.

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