Client Consultation For Long Layers

The Importance of Client Consultation-

When a client sits in a salon chair, it’s not only an opportunity to get to know them, it’s also the defining moment to really understand what service need from a hairstylist. I always say to my new clients “no one knows your hair like you do,” so with the information you give me combined with my expertise, we’ll plan how we’re going to deliver the results you want.

After a fun conversation with the client about their hair habits and personal preferences, I offer my thoughts and jump right into giving her not just what she wants, but also what she needs to add to her already beautiful self image. Remember, a person’s greatest asset is their individuality, so shine on and be the best you through your hair!

Creating Layers and Movement on Asian Hair

Razor cuts are either celebrated or feared. Those who love them have had stylists who understand the razor as a means for great-looking hair. Those who hate them have had stylists who display poor judgment, overusing the razor or incorrectly applying it to hair texture that is better suited for scissors. 

My client’s hair is pretty thick and flat, so for the ultimate hair experience I used the straight razor. Its extra-sharp blade creates soft lines with precision. 

The result is volume, movement and plain old sexy hair 🙂


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Hair Painting for the Woman who Loves the Beach

Today I want to share the story of a young, beautiful, mixed race girl who grew up in Florida, now living in NYC and enjoying life in the city. Since she moved here, her sense of style has evolved.

When she walked into the salon, I could see how beautiful she was and her gorgeous hair. She has Korean and German heritage, with rich color and a great skin tone. The one thing she misses from Florida is the year-round beach life: “My hair would always get lighter with the year-round sun and salt”. We agreed that a lighter highlight would elevate her hair, maybe the lightest she ever had!



To play up her hair’s individuality, I painted it in a way that it can be worn in its natural state (air dried) with a middle part, either side, ponytail, or messy updo. In other words, it does not have to be a perfect blowdry to look great.

Photographer- Photo by Cassie


This is the thing I love about NYC. Women come in from all over the world to become part of something and they unexpectedly transform to a NYC woman.

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