Making a Warm Blond Cool Again

In the past, my client was used to having her hair highlighted with foils. Because her natural base color is not very dark, I thought this would the perfect opportunity to balayage her highlights.  I asked what blond tones she preferred when having her hair colored. We both agreed that more cool tones would be ideal since she already had so much gold in her hair and it was not particularly complimentary to her skin tone. As a basic rule, if a woman has a lot of red in her skin tone, we add cooler tones to her blond, and visa versa. […]

Warm Balayage at Orl’o Salon

My beautiful client had four requests: keep the length; keep the long layers; keep the movement; and don’t make her hair feel sparse on the ends. Because her hair is fine-medium, I decided on a technique to create longer layers while keeping thickness at the ends. For color, she requested some warmth and a little brightness, we did balayage and a color gloss to ad shine and bring the whole tone together. Photographer- Photo By Cassie At the sink, I started with the Orlando Pita Play Full Foam Volumizing Shampoo, which I love. It’s light weight and has proteins that the hair really […]

My Free NYC Makeover

On my daily commute to work, I’m always observing people’s hair on the train. I love some of it and sometimes I think: “I wish I could do their hair!” As a result, I decided to start my own project called The NYC Makeover. The idea is to offer a makeover to strangers in the street whose current look does not highlight their assets. We then do a consultation on the street and I give them my card to follow up with a makeover. Here is my first makeover of a lovely young lady I met in my neighborhood in […]

Is All-Natural Haircare for you?

It’s proven that a green diet promotes a healthy body and mind. Knowing this, the beauty industry has flooded the market with products containing every mineral, vegetable, and fruit and boasting of their amazing effects on hair. The question is, do all-natural ingredients have the same positive effect on the hair as on the body? Yes and no: There are certainly advantages, but there are some disadvantages, too, which may surprise you. The common shampoo ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is the number one reason most people make the switch to natural products. SLS is in so many shampoos, trying […]

You Deserve a Clean Hairbrush

Would you use a stranger’s toothbrush? No? Well, did you know it’s almost the same thing if your hairstylist uses a brush full of someone else’s hair on you? As a client at a salon, there are many things you deserve, and I’d like to touch on this important one today. Have you ever sat in your stylist’s chair and observed her reaching for a hairbrush, only to see the previous client’s hair staring right back at you? Working in the beauty industry over the years, I’ve seen many a brunette pay good money for a style, only to leave […]

My Review on Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream

With countless hair products on the market and so many doing the same thing, it’s nice to find a product that stands out and delivers on its claims. Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream was introduced to me by a client 6 months ago. My initial reaction was “okay, another miracle product.” I used it, and I liked it, but with so many products in my arsenal I honestly forgot about it. As a hairstylist I often use a product that performs great the first time but then it’s just not that great. Then I was given a bottle of my […]

Review of the Proi Hair Dryer by T3Micro

The T3 Micro Proi is a hairdryer that gives protection and beautiful results through incredible new technology. A well-designed blowdryer that’s quieter, easy to use, and powerful. “Wow! Is this a new dryer? My hair is actually not frizzy”. Those were the words of my client who generally rough-dries her hair with her fingers after a color service. As a hairstylist, I spend so much time trying to give my client healthier hair by using the best hair products in the salon. But I know that the wrong dryer can remove all the nutritional benefits from products. So gone are […]

Oil Haircare Treatments Compared to Water Based Hair Masks

Growing up as a child in Trinidad and Tobago, I spent a lot of time with my sisters observing their haircare and beauty routines.  Being of Venezuelan, Portuguese and African descent, they were always searching for the best shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oils and gels to calm their combination of thick, fine, wavy, curly and at times frizzy hair. As I have recently started working in the Caribbean, I have noticed the plight of women (and men) trying to find the right moisturizers for their hair.  We are constantly being told of the incredible benefits of natural oils for hair and skin, but oils […]